Discovery 947 Rhythm Run

Monday, May 27, 2019

The Discovery 947 Rhythm Run was my Saturday night. Even more so because it was payday weekend which means I could go crazy and have fun. If only I didn't go swimming that morning, then maybe I would have been dancing on the bar. 

This is probably the only time of the year when humans looking like traffic cones act like cars on the race track. Run up this bend, roll down this hill and listen to your thoughts if you are running alone, because there is no network for streaming Apple music. Then maybe you are not running alone, Maybe you are a squad. You are lucky its even better this way. Run as one is fun-ish but running as a group is even better. 

We ran, danced, got drenched in sweat. A successful run party repeat evening. I can't really capture what had happened in words, so I caught in on camera. Watch my race experience on my IGTV channel below who knows maybe next year we might #RULETHERACETRACK together...


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