January Battle

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Nowadays, the sun sets after 7pm, it's hot. It is blazing! 

I guess we don't have a choice but to also blaze the streets. So team this, you have 400 km to clock for the month. It's January, nobody is fit enough to join you. We are on that New year, New Me tip, So we are running 5 km's at most. The crux of this picture is that you will be on the road alone for hours trying to clock this mileage. 

So what will you need?

The essential BR vest

Braamfie Runners reached the 4000 km mark before any participating crew in the world. You need that BR power for the road. Not forgetting the matching season 6 "buff" ofcourse...

Split Shorts

So... finding split shorts is hard and finding them in my size is harder. Maybe because the target market for these is, people whose thighs don't touch. Then they produce a few units for us thickems for inclusivity. The flare is not just for aesthetics, it keeps you cool. Just be careful not to chafe though... 

Long Socks

Go with short shorts or in this case, split shorts... 

Don't be scared, imagine Johannesburg as Gotham City. 

Also, did you notice that the print on my shoes matches the print on my vest. #MatchyMatchy 

A BackPack

"What's in that bag? That's a really good question" - Wuz Dat, Boity

  • House keys 
  • Car keys
  • Money for a taxi if the road keeps getting longer 
  • An extra change of clothes 
  • The date to when Rihanna is going to drop her next album 
I have ran a race with this bag because I think I was late for the race. It clamps down to your chest and make sure you dont have rattling items they can be annoying

A Raincoat

The weather is unpredictable, it might rain at any moment now. Be prepared just because its raining, it doesn't mean you stop running.

You Are WaterProof...

So now that the battle is won... We are ready for the rest of the year 

- The Gear - 

BR Raincoat - Nike 

BR vest  - Nike 

Split sorts - UnderArmour 

Batman Socks - Typo 

Running Shoes - Asics 


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