The Inconvenience Of Losing Weight: Choice

Monday, January 08, 2018

Part 1 (Choice)

Standing on a mechanical scale with the needle shyly teetering away from the 100 kg mark. Standing on a digital scale, console in hand, with a rapidly beating heart while the led is blinking. 



Three times… then a number appears, a result not far from 100. This reading less than the mechanical scale reading. So which machine is accurate? A disagreement between analogue and digital. 

However, this should not matter, this is not the point. The point is, it is close to one hundred… 

A few months ago, One Hundred kilograms, seemed like a foreign concept. Too heavy, Too substantial, Too generous, too everything and now it is almost my reality. By that I mean, I am literally one jelly tot away from this reality. Well… I can’t live like this. I miss the old me, I miss my old clothes, I miss my old pace. I long for the days of short shorts and long socks.

So… how did we get here? 

It was easy, I have done it before. It begins with bad food choices, junk food tastes so good. You can’t have one slice of pizza when they are sold in pairs. Also the 24 hour burger joint is so convenient after you leave the office when everybody else saying their bed time prayers. It’s also convenient when the kitchen all of a sudden reminds that it requires a lot of your time. That sweet packet that has a permanent space in your laptop bag, gives you the strength to power through those long hours between lunch and knock off time. We shouldn’t forget how refreshing that fizzy drink is on a hot summer’s day and on a cold winter’s night. It complements every meal, I think it’s been engineered that way. 

The easy way out is too pull the covers over your head when the alarm wakes you up to go run. You get so good at evading the run, that you can snooze your alarm without opening your eyes. Even when you are awake, you seem to have a dictionary of excuses 

· I am too tired

· I won’t survive that session at the ARENA, I am too unfit

· I will run tomorrow when I have more energy

Bad choices brought us here, bad choices resulted in me almost needing new clothes. Bad choices gave rise to this moment, me standing on a scale anticipating this number. 

So… what shall we do? 

We make good choices, it won’t be easy. We choose to be a part of team 5AM, you know the team that tags #whileyouweresleeping under their Instagram posts. We choose to visit the ARENA more often, especially after a stressful day at the office. 

We also make good food choices. The first step is to get breakfast right, a huge improvement from having no breakfast at all. The next step is to get dinner right, no more pizza and definitely no more 24 hour “magic” food. You will drive past their shop because you are changing and will learn how to make your own magic in the kitchen. Step number 3, taking leftovers from dinner as lunch, saving you calories and money. Obviously the fizzy drinks need to be replaced with water, water complements every meal. That’s just the way it is, no engineering. The sweets need to evacuate and make space for better things, a change is coming.


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  1. I feel your pain. Also stood on a scale and I number I never thought I'd see appeared. And I saw of a of myself and I didn't like what I saw. And suddenly shopping for clothes is a pain. Looking forward to being a fraction of myself in the months coming. Change is here. Good choices must be made.