Saturday, October 08, 2016

About 2 week ago, I participated in the FNB  Joburg 10K City Run. As far as  I know it was not the first of its kind but in my opinion this was the first time that really made noise in terms  of marketing the event. Running events are begining to gain popularity and I am seeing more of them popping up.
I woke up on the morning of this race and I was so tired, I was fighting with myself and trying to convince myself not to do this race. However, I was provided with a free entry and that gave me the push to roll out of bed and lace up.

The Race Pack

I did not personally collect the race pack so I can not comment on the efficiency of it. However I do like that the race pack had a PUMA technical tee shirt. It is very rare to find to enter a race these days and actually be provided with a technical tee shirt. I defintely will be using the t shirt for my runs, I am one of those people who absolutely can not run in cotton.

The Route 

I really liked this route, alot of the races that happen in Johannesburg are in the surburbs. Any opportunity I get to run through Johannesburg CBD I cherish. We ran from FNB bank city and all the way through to the east of Johannesburg. We were 1 street away from Maboneng and then we were running past Jeppe police station. We ran to past Doornfontein, then through Hilbrow and the final surburb was Braamfontein. Johannesburg has a deep history, you can see it on the buildings, on the streets. Not to mention the spectators were such a delight in cheering us on. 

The Medal

This is one of the prettiest medals that I have ever earned from a race. Normally I don't wear my medals after a 10K but this time I made it a point to wear it. I mean i burnt in the sun for it, I earned it and I am going to flaunt it. 
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