Running in the Dark with Albedo100

Monday, April 04, 2016

Running in the dark has always been my thing. 

For the average person, I imagine they start running by doing a few short runs during the day. Once, they are confident and consistent this changes into longer runs during the day

This was not the case for me because my first race was a night race and most of my runs after that happened at night. The only time I get to run during the morning is when a race to compete in

Running in the dark has its dangers though. Most of the apparel that is manufactured for men is black. If it is not black then it is some other dark colour. Very rarely do you find bright colours for men. My main concern when running in the dark is visibility and I am so grateful that I have not been knocked down by a car. I have had a couple of near misses though and believe me my heart would stop. 

A few months ago I discovered an innovation while exploring running culture on instagram. I discovered a product called Albedo100

What is Albedo100?

A reflective spray that you can apply to your clothes, your cycling equipment or your pets. The purpose of this spray is to make you visible to traffic while you are out on the streets being active. 

So @Albedo100za(follow them on instagram) sent me a sample to test out. I used the whole of March to test this product and I think I have actually used the entire can.I tried to run as late into the night as I possibly could. If you follow thatindierunner on SnapChat, you know how this product works. If you don't follow the movement on Snapchat add us username: thatindierunner.

You shake the can for a minute and then you spray onto your clothing and I mean shoes, tights and tee shirt. Then you wear your gear and go out in the streets. 

I found that the applied coating of spray reflects from a distance and at a specific angle. Up close you can not see the spray but when you shine a light from a distance your gear actually reflects. I am not sure if rogue is the adjective to use but I found that when I applied the spray to one shoe sometimes fragments of the spray transferred to the other shoe and my body hair. Such is the nature of the spray I guess, it cannot be contained. Another advantage, it washes off when your sweaty running clothes are laundered. I only sprayed 1 show at a time so a difference could be seen between the sprayed shoe and the non - sprayed shoe

This spray is definitely an essential in my running gear for winter. Winter is coming and the days will be getting shorter, the only time I will have to run is at night. 

For more information on Albedo100, visit the website on 

When I am running in the dark I want to be seen with Albedo100. 


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