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Sunday, April 05, 2020

Life in the time of Corona, this is the life of today... 

Never would I have thought that there would be a time in my life when the events of Contagion, would affect me in my lifetime. I really thought that they would happen in the dystopian future. 

Like many countries in the world, South Africa is currently under lockdown. As I type this out, this is just the beginning of day 10 and we have 11 more days to go. This is only if the curve is flattened though, I am hoping the number of infections don't rise but I am sceptical. no Will we be under lockdown for longer?  I hope not. 

I had built up such a nice consistency,
  • Monday, Yoga practice or a 7 km run in Morningside
  • Tuesday, 6 km run in Rosebank 
  • Wednesday, 7 km run in Morningside 
  • Thursday, 1000 m swim \
  • Friday, HOT yoga 
  • Saturday, Swimming lesson 
  • Sunday, 1000 m swim 
This was not set in stone though, life happened all the time and I would have to skip one of these sessions. When that happened that would be my rest day. 

We can't leave the house.
I can't run..
I can't swim...

However, I have a yoga mat and a floor. I challenged myself, to practice yoga everyday this lockdown. Firstly, my goal for this year is to be able to split (Hanumanasana). Secondly, between running ,swimming, studying and being an adult, my yoga sessions have been lacking. 

Over the last 9 days, I made a commitment to spend an hour on my mat everyday.  This has been such a wild experience, my body has been going through the most. The misconception that people generally have is that Yoga is just a bunch of stretches. True my body is more flexible now, but my core is weak and over the remaining period of this lockdown, I will be focusing on my core. 

During this period, I have randomly selected different yoga flows from different yogis on Youtube. Below is a selection of the flows that I enjoyed the most. 

Yoga For Hip Mobility (Get Sweaty!) 1 Hour Vinyasa Flow 

(This was good flow,  I was even sweating)

1 Hour Ashtanga Yoga (intro class)
(I could feel the steam coming off my body, I want to do more Ashtanga Yoga)

(Vinyasa Yoga: Gentle Hip stretching sequence.)
(This was a more relaxed flow, appropriate for a friday evening flow)

I am getting more comfortable now with being in front of the camera. Every day that I practice my flow I go live on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/thatindierunner/) . Follow the IG page and maybe join the flow. 

We are on day 10, almost halfway through the lockdown. 11 more days of yoga practice to go & a yoga playlist for isolation dropping soon! 


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