Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

First Thoughts

They have been out on the shelves for quite a while now and I couldn't wait to get on the saddle. I think Hercules, Thoughts of Zeus you know Pegasus, the stallion of legends... 

In this scenario, Medusa is represented by the kilometers on the road or the voice telling you otherwise. But this is not about Greek Mythology, its about Which Ride You Bring To The Streets

The Nike Pegasus has been around for 35 years, since I started running I have been eyeing these shoes. However, I was always told that I pronate , so stability and stride correcting shoes were for me. I like swimming upstream or rather rebelling against the "Laws" of running.

First Run

Or first ride? After all I am racing with Pegasus... 

I like the ride anyhow. I dedicated these shoes to my own personal roadworthiness test. I ran on a treadmill, not just any treadmill. It was one of those new fancy ones that are not in every gym, You know the ones that have a permanent incline and don't have an engine... 

Then me and Pegasus were squat and kettlebell babes, did a spin class and all the things that people at gym do. Including a Friday afternoon HEAT class, its HIIT... only offered at VA Rosebank. 

So the treadmill was good, the gym was awesome but the Streets! The streets is where we entered the battle. The ride was smooth, it was also light. This is an important factor and the reason I abandoned stability shoes. I'm not fast yet, but one day Ill be speeding like a VRRR Pha and flying on a Pegasus 35.

Final thoughts

So not only can you do your training runs and races in these. You can also wear them around campus. Ideally, I'd wear them on calls but I don't want blood spilling on them so that's not happening. 

The fit is a bit tight, so a bigger size would ensure that you don't lose toenails like I did about a year ago. I ran a marathon with shoes that were a perfect fit. Learn from me give your feet some allowance. 

I like these I might cop them in another colourway... Rose Gold and Triple Black? does that even exist ... ??? 

The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 retails for R 2 099.00



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