The Music Run

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

I started seeing adverts on Instagram for this race last year, my initial thoughts were "this is another overpriced, crowded 5k race". So, naturally I did not pay attention to it, even though I saw more adverts. It wasn't until I received an email asking me to be an ambassador that I started taking this race seriously. To be honest, I did not really fulfill my duties as an ambassador but January was a very hard month for me adjusting to a new job and the stress of being a tax paying citizen. 

As I type this it out, I declare that I am slowly adjusting to my new life and the experience I had today has encouraged me to stay blogging. A few days ago I received entry vouchers to this race and so I honoured my entry and participated in the race. This was the best 5k of my life and it wasn't even on the road. I didn't even run it, instead I live tweeted the race. If  you don't follow the blog on twitter, click here and click follow :) 

THE BEST PART we got a medal beyps!

Thank you so much to the team at The Music Run for sending me tickets to this event, it is now Permanently on ThatIndieRunner's Race Calender. 


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