Nike Fuel Box

Saturday, July 26, 2014

First there was this ...

Now, there is this ...

Unfortunately, we will not see this in South Africa though. 

While looking through posts on instagram the other night I came across a picture of this vending machine on a corner. I know Nike does not make drinks or chocolates, so i was confused as to what this box was all about. To further add to my confusion I saw posts of people holding gear that they got from this machine. Upon researching thanks to the trusted google. I found that this machine does not take cash or cards, it does not take money actually. 

I have always thought to myself if only I could buy running gear with all the nike fuel that I have earned throughout the years. Well now you can, on condition that you are in New York City and you own a fuelband. The amount of fuelband that you have accumulated for that day determines the prize you get. This vending machine changes location every week and once the prizes are gone you will have to figure out where it is going to be next.

Below are some of the prizes that have been received by lucky New York City residents

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