Fitsum Kassie

Saturday, November 08, 2014

1. Who you are, how old you are and what you do?
 Meet Fitsum Kassie, I work as a database administrator for one of the top firms in New York City. I am originally from Ethiopia. I have been in the US for more than 15 years. I went to University of Louisville for my bachelor and masters majoring in computer engineering and computer science. I have been living in New York for the past 5 years. In college and high school, running was my escape when I feel down and need motivation. 

2. Location and crew?
New York, my big apple, I run with my group called Nike Iron Runners from Nike Flat Iron location. Also part of a crew for Nike Plus NYC Live movement, where we "Keep it moving" by various training sessions daily for runners like me. Why do I love running in NYC? NYC has so many different cultures and unique places to explore. Filled with different parks, I enjoy exploring New York daily. I am also a member of the New York Road Runners, where we run different races through out the year for variety of charitable causes. 

3. What you have gained from running?
What does running do for me? I am filled with a smile as I wake up each morning, I get another chance in this life to try to live it up to the fullest. Nothing is impossible if you work hard on it. Always stay motivated and dedicated to everything that you do in this world. Put positive vibes thoughts in your head. If there's a will there is always a way. Nothing can't be achieved if you already believe you can't do it. What does not kill you makes you stronger. If you see what you want; go and grab it. If you want to make a move in life don't stand still. Figure out each step that are needed to go to the next level. We all have one time and every second is ticking as we speak, make the most out of it. Keep smiling, keep showing up to every battle, keep giving it 100%, make it count and enjoy the journey. Surround yourself with people who motivate you, encourage you, with people that can take you to the next level, associate yourself with passionate people, with people who give you high five at the end no matter how you did, because they also feel they did the same.

4. What you hope to achieve in future?
What you hope to achieve in future. I did New York city Marathon in 2013 with time of 4 hrs and 30 minutes. This year am training for it again and hope to improve my time by 1 hr. 

Nyc marathon 2014. Cold and windy day. Despite all of that I improved my time by 1 hr from last year same marathon with PB time of 3:31. All training paid off. Now looking forward to next year lots of half marathons and full marathons. New York City crowd had been awesome once again, I would like to thank all IRON Runners for coming out there to cheer me on.

5. What makes you an indie runner?
Today YES I believe it, am an inspiration. I might not be perfect and have a long way to be perfect but at least each day am trying. The minute I put on my running shoe, I love the forward motion that running gives me, it gives me hope, it gives me inspiration, it gives me a challenge that I can conquer and it gives me that satisfaction feeling that nothing in this world that can give me. No matter what kind of day I have, the minute I run, I feel like a brand new person. The past 4 years I have taken running to another level, I have done a lot of half marathons with each one setting another personal best. One happy runner here :) 

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